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My passion is to invest in people and churches by training and equipping others with the biblical truths and principles that allow them to live a Gospel life — mobilizing the body of Christ through unity with one mission — to reach the nations with the message of Jesus Christ.

I don’t want my experiences listed on my “resume” to prove my qualifications, but instead that my experiences provide God’s qualifications to use someone like me. I simply have a love for God’s people and a desire to be obedient in God’s call to equip and encourage others in living the Great Commission. I want my life to leave a legacy of obedience with Holy Spirit ripple effects. Reaching out to partner with people like you, is simply that- obedience to do what God has asked me to do.

I would love to link arms with you, no matter where you live. I’m also available to connect with your church offering Free Certified Training from Every Home For Christ, Guest speaking on various topics, Offering Free Webinars to your Church members or through our consulting services. Let’s Be The Church Together!

Reaching a Generation Together,



I would love the opportunity to train your church members how anyone can share the Gospel.

It is free for your church and supports your vision to make disciples of all nations.

No matter where you live, someone you know needs Jesus today. It could be a hurting relative. Or a co-worker. A store clerk. Or even your own son or daughter. Their answer is Jesus. But first, they must hear. – that’s all it takes to shake up and transform a person’s life. It gives hope to the hopeless, restoration to the broken and healing to the hurting. It isn’t complex and doesn’t need to be elaborate. When we intentionally interact with the people around us, we see amazing things happen!