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Our Called*Together Podcasts are kicking off and I'm thankful you would like to have a seat at the table to share and encourage others. 



Thank You for Completing This Podcast Guest Form So We Can Steward Our Time Well. I Can't Wait To Connect With You and Hear What God Is Doing!

There is no wrong answer here! Whether you were just trying to help me because I am new, gain experience yourself, enlarge your sphere of influence or any other reason- I want to hear. It helps me get to know you.
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If you are going to be a guest on both, we will record them back to back to steward your time well.
This just helps me understand the topic of our podcast episode better so I am a better host.
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I'm thankful excited that you are willing to be part of God's next ask of me in my life! Thank you for partnering with me as I launch two podcasts to encourage others to live as Christ-followers whether it is Parenting with Purpose or Living Called to Lead.

Below is some basic info and also a link to my website that has a little bit more info. Looking forward to connecting!

Thank you for taking the plunge with me into this new podcast endeavor. I have had over 100 of you reach out about being a guest on one of my two new podcasts. Incredible, right? That’s what life looks like with other believers. Helping each other out but ultimately sharing God's goodness in our life to encourage, equip and empower other believers and lead those who don't have a relationship with Christ yet to God's Truth of who He is and who He created them to be. 

Blessings to You My New Friend,

The Podcast Choices

  • Fruit Bearing Family Podcast is all about parenting with purpose. That parenting that rooted in God's heart for our homes is the Great Commission. Our guests will consist of parents who have parented with Purpose because people need to hear from people just like them. Our guests will also consist of parenting experts that help with practical parenting tips.

    Live Called To Lead is all about godly leadership principles being displayed in all areas of life including ministry, business, family, politics, and more. Our guest will consist of God stories, leaps of faith, and practical leadership tips to help lead well in their area of influence.

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Step 1. Complete Podcast Info Form

Select which audience you would like to be part of and take a few minutes to complete the short form. This form helps me to make a master guest schedule so we can book your guest date. **If you would like to be a guest on more than one podcast, we can record them back to back to help steward our schedules.


Step 2. I Contact You and We Get A Date and Time Scheduled to Record.

You're busy right? I know, I know. I hate to make you fill out a form, but I want to steward both of our time and this easy form helps me do that. I want to make sure that my podcasts are a good fit for you and vice versa. This form also helps with planning and communication to do our podcast well. This short form helps to plan the master episode calendar and be able confirm your recording time slot. 


Step 3. We Will Record & Post

We verify our podcast recording date and get it done!

I will contact you using your preferred method of contact on your form with a booking time and then will send you a “How to Prepare For Our Podcast Recording” Cheat Sheet to make sure it is the best this podcast newbie can make it. I would like to get as many podcast episodes recorded as possible over the 30 days.



What we do

Called*Together Communities Are Catered To Meet The Unique Needs Of Each Community.

Thank you for helping me launch my podcasts in these communities of life change! 



We offer free facebook communities to connect you with others who have the same goals. Renae offers some free resources in the form of podcasts, videos or downloadables, along with our trusted group administrators that help to keep the group on topic


Understanding the Why

It's important to have a foundation (the "why") to see the change you want to see in your life, family or organization.

Biblical foundations can be connected to every area of our lives and are always part of our Community discussions.


A Strategy for Change

It's easy to get stuck after understanding the "why" and transition to the "how". That's where my memberships come in- I take you from you are to where you want to be. Join my waitlist to be notified when my membership open up for new enrollments.


Contact Information


Find us here: 925 S Church St. STE B200-A Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Email:  renae@calledtogether.co

Phone: 615-422-7205